Chickpea and Wet Garlic Fritters

4 Sep 2016 | 0 comments

by Trill chef-in-residence, Chris Onions

Chickpea and Wet Garlic Fritters


We serve a version of this northern Italian recipe as a canapé on our Old Dairy Kitchen Feasts throughout the year, substituting the wet garlic for other seasonal herbs and vegetables. It works well with a herby mayonnaise or cumin scented yoghurt and soft cheese.


Serves 4

- 4 new season wet garlic (you can substitute with spring onions and garlic)

- 200g chickpea flour

- 650ml warm water

- salt

- 2 tsp nely chopped rosemary

- 1tbsp grated hard goats cheese

- 1 tbsp olive oil


Remove the roots from the garlic and slice as fine as you can. Warm the olive oil in a pan and add the garlic and fry gently for 5 minutes with no colour, add the rosemary and remove from the heat.


Warm the water in a large, thick bottomed pot and slowly sieve in the chickpea flour, stirring continuously. Add the salt and keep stirring until the mixture comes to a gentle boil.


Reduce the heat and cook for a further 40 minutes, stirring continuously as if making polenta. Take care as the mixture will become very thick and can stick to the bottom of the pot.


When the mixture begins to come away from the sides add the new season garlic, herbs and cheese and pour into a tray to set. When the mixture has cooled and set, slice to your desired shape and size. Heat a pan of sun ower oil to 180 degrees and deep-fry the slices until crisp and golden. Drain and serve immediately.


Chris Onions

Chris Onions runs the Old Dairy Kitchen. It is a working and teaching kitchen and occupies a central position in the front courtyard of Trill Farm. He spends his time making dishes created from foraging the hedgerows and the organically grown vegetables from Ash and Kate’s commercial garden.

You can join our team in Wednesday and Saturday for a delicious organic lunch made by Chris, using fresh ingredients from Trill. Visit here for details and booking.