Beginners Beekeeping

A Foundation Course for Aspiring Apiculturalists

Our one day course is designed to offer participants a wide perspective on the theory of beekeeping and its place in the production of many important food crops.

It is aimed at people who would like to possess a comprehensive understanding of what modern apiculture involves and those who feel that they may be interested in taking further steps towards becoming a novice beekeeper.

In the morning we will discuss the natural history of the honeybee, her social organisation and the way in which we are able to work within this framework to enhance pollination and secure a worthwhile crop of honey.

The afternoon will be taken up with an outline of the year’s work of the beekeeper and the way in which this can be incorporated within other horticultural activities. We will look at the range and cost of the major items of beekeeping equipment and consider the relative merits of the various designs of beehive.

There should also be time to make a start on an awareness of the different management techniques adopted by individual beekeepers and which contribute to making apiculture one of the most fascinating of rural (and indeed urban) pursuits.  

Noel Lakin has sixteen hives at Trill and is our resident bee expert.