Join award-winning chef and nutritionist Daphne Lambert for a seasonal course exploring the relationship between land, food, health and vitality. Prepare to be delighted by the food you create!

Living Nutrition cooking courses are held four times per year. Each weekend focuses on a different aspect of health - digestion, circulatory system, immunity and the importance of water; and on the current seasonal foods in the garden, hedgerows, woods and meadows.

During the course you will learn how our food is produced and processed, gather wild harvest and collectively make all the meals for the weekends, including breads, soups, salads, main meals, desserts and drinks. You will leave with seasonal recipes and cooking skills to share at home.

The weekends build up a complete picture on how best to harmonise with the changing seasons and a deeper understanding of how the foods we choose to eat make a difference to the health of the environment and the individual.

Join us for the complete series of four seasons - individual weekends will be made available depending on space. 

Spring: Friday 31st March - Sunday 2nd April

The soil: food can only truly nourish us from vibrant, living soil. We will explore the connections between soil biodiversity and gut biodiversity. This weekend will focus on understanding bowel flora and the digestive system, physiology, the gut-brain axis and the emotions. We will learn to cook with foods that support digestion and look at the links between food and vitality. 

Summer: Friday 23rd - Sunday 25 June

The heart: during these months everywhere you look nature gives us a dazzling array of colourful fruits and vegetables that fire the imagination and feed the soul. Be creative with the extraordinary abundance growing on the farm. This weekend we will explore current controversies surrounding dairy and soya, and look at the right fats to eat.

Autumn: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th September

Boosting immunity: gathering from the wild and preserving what we harvest. Celebrate the autumn seeds, fungi, nuts and berries. This weekend we will learn about enzymes and the benefits of fermented foods. We will dehydrate our surplus harvest, and learn different preserving techniques. Bring your own preserving jars.

Winter: Friday 1st - Sunday 3 December

Foods for warmth and health: This weekend will explore our winter foods: root vegetables and seaweeds, foods for warmth and health. Discover super foods and create recipes to enjoy them, and create drinks for health. Celebrate mid winter with foods and dishes for feasting, and make gifts for others to enjoy. 

Daphne Lambert is an award-winning chef, author and founding member and director of Greencuisine Trust, an educational charity, set up to rethink our relationship to food. She is an expert in the field of health and nutrition and as a nutritionist has many years of experience in helping people achieve optimum health. For 30 years she ran an award winning organic restaurant on the Welsh borders. In 2000 she co-authored 'The Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook' which won the 'best cookbook for parents' at the Gourmand World Cookbook awards and in 2002 'Little Red Gooseberries' recipes from her organic restaurant was published. Her new book Living Food – a feast for soil & soul will be published in early Spring 2016 

Non residential students:

Friday: 4pm - 9.30pm, Saturday: 8am - 9pm Saturday, Sunday: 9am - 3-4pm. 

Residential students: 

Arrive at 4pm on Friday and finish 3-4pm on Sunday.  

Single rooms may be available for a supplement. Please contact us for details.