Preserving Workshop

From pickling to bottling to fermenting this is a busy time in The Old Dairy Kitchen as we work hard to preserve our way toward the darker months. Join us whilst we fill the larder with an array of fantastic flavours to keep our taste buds excited and our bodies healthy through the winter.

We will look at quick pickling, work with lactic cultures to create your own unique ferments and turn the last of the garden and the hedgerow’s summer harvest into sweet and sour delights. This is a practical, hands on course. You will work in small groups to prepare a range of different products. 

At the end of a busy morning we will stoke up the smoker as part of a delicious two course lunch using the farm’s finest produce. We will then don our wellies and take a walk around the farm to see the vegetable and herb growing areas.  

You will leave with new skills, recipes and a selection of your creations to take home with you.  

This is an intimate course with just ten participants, allowing plenty of time to discuss the wonderful world of fermentation and preserves. Chris Onions is always happiest when talking about food and sharing his knowledge and passion for cooking and growing.

Chris Onions arrived at Trill in October 2014 after a long journey from his home on the island of Islay. He is classically trained and has worked his way through kitchens from Australia to Norway. On leaving Australia his cooking career was put on hold and he began to work within a social cooperative on a small farm in Sweden, offering care and training for people in need of some help. This project provided him with a new vision and vital training on how cooking and the garden can be used for rehabilitation and practical learning.