At Trill Farm we work in harmony with nature to create an abundance of both cultivated and wild food which we share with you during the Summer Festival. Our food is a celebration of the diversity of harvest on the farm, and we value the care and attention that has gone into the growing, harvesting and preparation.

The inspirational events and talks during Trill Summer Festival feed your imagination, whilst our food nourishes your body!

Daytime Cafe

From 10am - 4pm the cafe will be serving organic brunch, lunch and snacks, along with refreshing drinks, tea, coffee and cake.

Clay Oven Wood Fired Pizzas

On Saturday & Sunday from 1pm - 7pm our new clay oven will be in full swing, creating delicious crispy pizzas with fresh garden vegetables.


The food we eat connects us to the soil and brings us together in both a joyful and meaningful way. In respect and appreciation of nature and the work that goes into preparing food, all evening meals have to be booked in advance. Please book at the bottom of this page. Whether you choose to book a main evening meal or bring your own food, we hope to all come together to eat in the main courtyard.

Friday Supper 

Start the Trill festival experience with a simple but scrumptious supper. Acclaimed Merguez sausages made from lamb from the Gotland flock or fava bean cakes. Fava beans are a new crop on the farm, though they have been cultivated in this country since pre-historic times.They are very nutritious with about 25% protein. Both served in a roll with delicious relishes and salads. Served between 6pm - 8pm. Please book your tickets below.

Merguez sausage or fava bean cake served in fresh baked bread with

Tomato salsa
Shaved fennel, pink radish, cucumber and flat leaf parsley salad
Bulgar wheat with black olive, red pepper and basil
Fava bean dip
Summer Trifle

Saturday Rainbow Feast  

Colourful and exuberant roots, sprouts, leaves, fruits & flowers create a dazzling rainbow. Tomatoes, yellow peppers, peas, carrots, blueberries, borage flowers, aubergine and beetroot…  a fun, informal, delicious feast for the senses. Please book your tickets below.

Red quinoa with red onions,
garlic & cherry tomatoes
Saffron barley pilaf with yellow peppers 
Salad leaves with pea & mint dressing 
Carrot Salad with cumin & coriander 
Blueberries with cucumber, mint & borage 
Aubergine, lentil & olive salad 
Roast beetroot with beetroot pesto
Rose & vodka sorbet
or Rainbow fairy cake

Sunday Supper 

Seasonal favourites to tantalise your tastebuds. Fresh flavoured food  at a convivial gathering of new and old friends in the courtyard. Classic shepherd's pie; rich and flavoursome lasagna; garden salad and a showy queen of puds - Summer eating at its best. Please book your tickets below.

Trill shepherds pie
or Roast vegetable lasanga

Salad leaves with herbs, flowers and a basil dressing
Raspberry queen of puddings


The bar will be open from mid-day. As well as beer, cider, wine and cocktails there will be a variety of soft drinks and freshly made popcorn. Flavours include horseradish, ginger & honey; salty caramel and chocolate.

Farm Shop

Along with our handmade soaps and textiles, our farm shop will be supplying delicious Trill foods including smoked lamb, honey, barley, preserves and muesli. We will also be stocking organic local milk, bread, butter & cheese for you to create your own picnics. 

Cooking for yourself

We'd love you to share meals with us, but you are also most welcome to bring your own packed lunches or food to cook. You will need to bring your own cooking equipment. For stocking up on supplies and luxuries before you arrive, try Millers Farm Shop or The River Cottage Canteenboth a five minute drive from the farm.