Double knitting. Approx 110m (119 yards) Pure Gotland wool from organically reared sheep. Un-dyed natural fleece colour. Hand wash only.

Sheep rearing is traditional to East Devon, with its rich grassy hills and wooded valleys. Nearby, the town of Axminster is world famous for its woollen carpets. It didn’t take long for us to realise Trill Farm was best suited to livestock and sheep seemed the obvious place to begin.


The Gotland pedigree was chosen carefully – a breed renowned for its beautiful silky wool, widely used in Scandinavia for felting, knitting and rug making. The Gotland breed is also prized for its meat - delicious, dark and lean. They lamb easily, mainly with twins, and are hardy, nimble and bold.


Gotland sheep are beautiful, although quite small, with dark grey to light grey fleeces which are sheared twice a year. After the wool is graded into three shades, it is cleaned and spun by organically certified spinners in Cornwall. Designer Tamsin Loxley then creates all our contemporary and beautiful designs before sending the wool to weavers in Wales.


Trill Farm’s textile products are proudly produced in the South West of Britain. Certified organic at every stage of the process, we are dedicated to farming and production values of the highest standard.