A conversation on power without responsibility. British Media in the 21st Century. Talk, discussions and a fabulous three course supper.

The campaign for the EU Referendum produced many criticisms of the participants on both sides – but also of the Press and Broadcasting coverage. The Press was accused of being overly partisan to the point of lying, the broadcasters of the opposite, of being too ‘objective’ to the point of not challenging the claims made by either side.

Whatever the truth of these criticisms, the referendum has thrown a new light on the role of the media in a post-industrial democracy: have the media an ethical responsibility to take people to task if they, for instance, lie or make racist propaganda – or is their job merely to report what happens? Do we have the right kind of media laws for a democracy such as ours? What is the role of social media, citizen journalism – and should they be more tightly controlled than is currently the case?

Max Easterman and Rosie Goldsmith are two former BBC journalists with some 60 years of reporting experience behind them…join them for an evening of discussion about how, why and indeed whether we really have the media we deserve, or deserve better media.

About Supper & Conversations at Trill:

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